About Confidentiality

A professional code of ethics guides counselors in matters of confidentiality and the release of information. We only collect personal information that you voluntarily disclosed, and we collect this information for purposes of providing you with counseling and support. Information gained in the counseling sessions will be kept in a secure location and will not be disclosed outside the Counseling Office with the following exceptions:

  1. you give written permission to your counselor to discuss a matter with another party or
  2. in case of an emergency when your counselor will make every effort possible to inform you of the situation prior to making any such disclosure to a third party.

The Counseling Office will never disclose anything that is ultimately not in your best interest. Also, if you request access to personally identifiable information that TUJ has collected about you, TUJ will promptly disclose this information to you. Also, if you would like TUJ to delete personally identifiable information about you, TUJ will comply with your request to the extent possible.

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