This internship was about so much more than just teaching English to high school students. I made friends, learned about myself, and got to see a side of Japan that is otherwise unreachable to many foreigners.

Student Intern Profile

Name: Maggie Lindrooth
Country: U.S.A.
Major: Russian
Internship at: Kanagawa Sohgoh High School
Duration: Summer 2014
Note: Semester Abroad

Maggie's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:50 Arrive at work, communicate with teachers about classroom arrival times
9:00 Go to first class. Assist in reading, pronunciation, and explanations.
10:45 Go to second class
11:30 Go to third class
12:15 Lunch
13:05 Go to fourth class
13:35 Go to fifth class
14:05 Go to sixth class
14:35 Fourth period begins. Free time to grade/correct papers if needed
15:30 Go to Debate Team on Tuesdays, Chit Chat Club on Thursdays
17:30-18:30 School day ends. Students, interns and teachers leave


Kanagawa Sohgoh High School

Interview with Maggie's Internship Sponsor

We expect interns to be willing to communicate with our students and enjoy being in our school. In addition, in Japan, schools have unique and different systems compared to companies or other organizations, so it is interesting for interns to experience the difference. After all, as long as they are socially skilled and like to spend time with high school students, they are welcome.

Kiichi Sugawara, English teacher, Kanagawa Sohgoh High School

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