From the Keynote Address by Temple University's 10th President, Neil Theobald


Neil Theobald


Congratulations graduates!

Your Temple University education has allowed you to develop the skills of written and oral communication, of analysis and critical thinking, of leadership and cooperation. Your education will enable you to remain flexible, and employable, in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world. It will empower you to think analytically, as you synthesize information from disparate realms of knowledge to generate solutions to new and complex problems. These skills are greatly valued in the current labor market and numerous economic studies show that, by investing in yourself through a college education, you have created the most valuable private asset you will ever possess.

Much less, though, is written about the incredibly valuable public asset—available to all of society—that you have created. Your education here at Temple University Japan has prepared you to contribute meaningfully to the prosperity and progress of your respective nations, and the world—and to be "blessings to society."

You will make countless vitally important contributions to society. Some among you will provide leadership for businesses that create jobs and improve lives. Others will dedicate their lives to developing public policy to preserve the environment, promote justice and stimulate economic development.

Also among our graduates today are those who will teach our children and grandchildren and prepare them for their own futures. You graduate today from an institution that puts great emphasis on its historic mission to educate you for global citizenship, prepare you for public service; and create research advances that enhance the quality of life for all.

It is to the Temple University Class of 2013, and to the thousands like you graduating from universities all over the world, that we now look for your commitment as global citizens, for your energy and seriousness of purpose as you grapple with the most formidable problems confronting our world, and for all you can do to renew the global economy, to innovate, to invent, to build, and to teach.

I wish you the very best good fortune as you embark on the next phase of your lives. May you create a bright future for yourselves. I know that, in doing so, you will be creating an even brighter future for society.

テンプル大学第10代総長 ニール・セオボルド 基調講演より





みなさんはこれから、社会にとってたいへん重要な貢献を積み重ねていくでしょう。ビジネスでリーダーシップを発揮し、雇用の創出や生活の向上に貢献する人もいるでしょう。環境保全や正義の実現、あるいは経済発展のための公共政策に携わる人もいるでしょう。また、教育を通じて次世代の未来に関わる人もいるでしょう。あなたが今日卒業したテンプル大学とは、グローバルレベルの市民性(Global Citizenship)を育み、公共の利益に奉仕できる人材を育て、全ての人の生活向上に資する研究を行うという歴史的使命を持っているのです。