Wilson Steiger

Wilson Steiger



Good afternoon. Dean Stronach, professors, distinguished guests and fellow TUJ graduates, I am humbled and honored to make this commencement speech today on behalf of the Temple University, Japan Campus, the Fox School of Business, Executive MBA Class of 2014.

Two years ago, twenty individuals started on a journey for personal growth. Each of us had our own reasons to seek an MBA, and we all came from varied backgrounds and career fields. Our graduating class includes a Comptroller, a SAP Administrator, a Marketing Manager, a Brand Manager, a Magazine Editor, IT Managers, a Lawyer, and we even have a CEO. There are seven different countries represented in our graduating class; we come from China, Germany, Japan, the United States, Spain, Bulgaria and the Philippines. Our class proves that TUJ is truly an international University.

We all had our own lives that were put on hold. Our hobbies, personal projects at work, BBQ parties, undokaishappyokais, vacations and weekends all took a backseat to our studies, homework, reading assignments and collaboration calls. I, for one, have read more in the past two years than I have in the previous 38 years of my life, and I won't even mention how much sleep we all have missed out on. A language teacher once told me that when I start dreaming in the language I was studying, that is when I'll know I am really learning it. We have all had nights where we would dream that we were trapped in Harvard Case Studies so I guess we have truly learned how to be an MBA. I just thought they were nightmares.

Wilson Steiger

Today, those 20 individuals from two years ago will officially be recognized as MBAs. But, what exactly is an MBA? A simple Google search will explain that an MBA is a master's degree in business administration. Essentially, an educational deep dive into the very core of business featuring courses on accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, corporate strategy and operations management. After completing eight courses of our program, I came up with my own description of what an MBA is; getting an MBA is not about me, but rather it is a learning experience about us. A team, a group of leaders that work together to reach an above par experience. An MBA is not an individual's degree. It is a degree showing a personal ability to reach higher through effecting actions of those around us. Simply, an MBA is a leader, a follower, a team member, a manager and a coach. Two years ago we were 20 individuals, but today we are MBAs.

Ours was not an easy journey. We saw tragedies; injuries; hospitalizations; and unfortunately, even death of loved ones. We came together to see each other through our hard times, and we supported each other when needed. I could tell you that our journey is over, but that would be a terminological inexactitude. We've only scratched the surface of the possibilities in our future.

To my cohorts, I congratulate you all today! —WE DID IT— It is no longer a dream. Today it is a reality. We are MBAs. To the staff at TUJ we, as a class, say thank you. All of your hard work was noticed. We would like to especially say thank you to Dr. Miki Mori, Jacqueline Osawa, Mieko Aoki, Sumiko Koga and Yoko Sawahata. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

To close, I'll borrow the words of my sempai, Glenn Argyle – Class of 2013. "I salute the class of 2014, and I look forward to continuing our friendship and camaraderie for the rest of our lives."

Thank you.




こんにちは。ストロナク学長、教授陣、ご来賓のみなさま、卒業する学生のみなさん、私は今日ここでテンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス エグゼクティブMBAプログラムの2014年卒業生を代表して、ごあいさつ申しあげることを大変恐縮するとともに光栄に思っています。