Olivier Alain Rumley

Olivier Alain Rumley

Master of Business Administration


Mr. Rumley's current position is a technical manager for Matisa Japan Co., Ltd., the Japanese subsidiary of a Swiss manufacturer. We talked with him about his work, what brought him to Japan and his time spent studying for a Master of Business Administration at Temple University, Japan Campus.

What was your previous education and work experience?

I hold a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. My majors were energy and automation, with a special interest in renewable energies and energy efficiency. I then interned at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's Advanced Technology R&D Center here in Japan and returned to Europe where I worked for Maillefer Instruments and Matisa Materiel Industriel before moving back to Japan.

Tell us about the content of your work.

Our products are heavy duty machines for the railway maintenance. The core business activities of my section are putting the machines into service, repairing, and selling parts for machines sold in Japan. My responsibilities range from managing a small team of engineers on a daily basis, strengthening sales activities (including assisting market researches, translating or acting as a French-Japanese interpreter during sales promotion tours), and acting as a liaison with headquarter (to align our business strategy with the company's priorities). Although the IT maintenance is outsourced, my role consists of planning for the company's IT needs, and optimize utilization of servers and processes for internal communication.

Why did you want to study for an MBA and how do you see it helping you in your career?

I was looking to expand my career opportunities. An MBA degree struck me as an ideal complement to my engineering background. In addition to the useful concepts learned (MIS, Finance, and Corporate Strategy), I believe that the network of fellow students and Alumni will be very valuable as I move to make a career shift.

What did you find most difficult in the course of studies towards gaining an MBA?

Olivier Alain Rumley

Interacting and reaching a seamless level of communication with my peers who are from very different professional fields and cultures; speak different first languages; and have varied personalities was a challenge. Overcoming that challenge is still a work in progress, but we are all adjusting to each other and improvements are being made. Personally, I couldn't spend as much time with my children as I would have liked. Fortunately I have a very supportive wife who took great care of our children and my company stepped forward with financial support.

Tell us about your dreams and aspirations.

To see my children develop to their full potential and realize their own dreams. To make a significant contribution towards a more sustainable environment, be it in the field of energy or transportation.






スイス連邦工科大学ローザンヌ校で、エネルギーとオートメーションを専攻し、メカニカルエンジニアリングの理学修士号を取得しました。主な研究テーマは再生可能エネルギーおよびエネルギー効率です。卒業後は、神戸にある三菱電機の先端技術総合研究所でインターン、ヨーロッパに戻ってMaillefer Instruments およびMatisa Materiel Industriel に勤めた後、再び来日しました。