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New Students​

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Accessibility services and accommodations are available for ALL students​

Accessibility Services is not only for students with physical disabilities. Students with diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, or even a chronic health condition can benefit from Accessibility Services. If you’re having difficulty in your classes, or are not sure that you’re eligible for academic accommodations, just contact us.​​

Students will need to provide documentation of their condition in order to receive accommodations, after a grace period. 


Upload any documentation that you have available to you. We accept notes from doctors, mental health counselors, physical or occupational therapists, IEPs, etc. Please be sure that the documentation includes the letterhead of the office that provided the documentation. Please see our FAQ page for more information on documentation.​ ​

If you do not have documentation, we can still meet to discuss your needs! ​

Prospective Students​

Apply to Temple​​

Temple University, Japan Campus, with its diverse student body and commitment to access, is a welcoming environment for students with a disability. We strive to create an inclusive learning environment where are all members of the community are valued.​​

Students with a disability considering TUJ should follow the standard application procedures. Many of your questions regarding admissions can be answered by consulting the Admissions offices.​

The presence of a disability is not considered in admissions. Do not send your documentation of disability to the Admissions Office.​​

Prospective students are encouraged to meet with our Accessibility Services coordinator to learn more about resources and services available at Temple University, Japan Campus. Please email us to schedule an information session.​​​