Typical Job-Hunting Schedule

If you plan to apply for a job at a large company, either foreign or Japanese, you should begin the search by your junior year. Employers typically hire a year before graduation and for April and October start dates. Timing for your job-hunting can be defined by your expected graduation date. Please consult with the Career Development Office when you have settled on a graduation date.

  Seminars to Attend Job Hunting Flow Other
(0-30 credits)
  • First Steps Seminar
  • Visit Career Development Office!
(31-60 credits)
  • Self Analysis Seminar
  • Research Industry/Company & Target Companies List Seminar
  • Start taking tests such as TOEIC, JLPT or BJT
  • Talk to senior students who have been job-hunting
  • Begin planning for internships
(61-90 credits)
  • Resume and Entry Sheets Seminar
  • Business Manner
  • Seminar for Foreign Students: Jobs in Japan
  • Job Fair Prep Seminar
  • Internships


  • Complete the list of target companies
  • Apply for short-term internships
  • Register for shukatsu sites
  • OB/OG Visit
  • Pre-entry for earlier employers
  • Meet TUJ Alumni
(90 credits or more)
  • Interview Seminar/Mock Interview Session


  • Entry Sheets
  • Information Sessions
  • Exams
  • Interviews
  • Summer Career Fairs for Bilinguals


  • Offer Ceremony


  • Boston Career Fair
  • Tokyo Winter Job Fairs for Bilinguals

Career Fair

Each year, TUJ organizes a career fair to provide our students and recent graduates the chance to meet employers and develop contacts for networking and future opportunities. For the last few years, we have invited 12-15 companies and approximately 200 students and recent graduates have attended each year.

When You’ve Finished Job-Hunting

We value our relationship with TUJ alumni very highly, as they are in the best position to be supporters of TUJ students facing job-hunting. It is important for us to have the correct information about your job-hunting and future employer. When you finish your job-hunting, please fill in the TUJ New Graduate Employment Contact Information and e-mail it to us at career@tuj.temple.edu.