Hiroshi Yamashita

Hiroshi Yamashita



Hiroshi Yamashita worked as a Deputy Director at Fuji Television Network, Inc. while he pursued an LL.M at TUJ. We asked him about his motivation behind taking the graduate program and the many challenges he faced during his study.

What do you do in your current job?

Currently, I am involved in licensing management at the broadcaster. I am covering contract negotiation with both national and international broadcasters and productions for use of footage and still photos for promotion of our television programs. Furthermore, I revise internal procedures for the licensing and approval process.

Why did you want to study for LLM?

When I conduct contract negotiations with US and UK international broadcasters and productions, it is difficult for us to close deals with them because of our different copyright regulations. By studying property, contract and civil procedure law of the US, I could do a much better job and conduct smooth negotiations. Above all, I believed I could further develop my career with broader knowledge and skills by studying US laws at the TUJ LLM program without taking my time off from the job.

What was the biggest challenge during your time at TUJ?

My most challenging issue was time management. While I have a full time job I have to take care of my own housework and my dog. In addition, I had a lot of troubles during the program. I had a huge bedsore which required a surgical operation followed by two years' medical treatment for a pressure sore.. So, I really didn't have much time to study at home. Off course, I needed to sleep for my health, I had to study at work.

How did you overcome that challenge?

I studied before and after work, and during my lunch break. I believe I made a couple of hours from that. In addition, I made the best use of iPhone applications such as Black's Law Dictionary, electric statutes applications and other law resources out of iTunes.

How do you envision your degree and your experience at TUJ will help your future career?

First of all, the knowledge and skills I have acquired through the Contracts and Remedies courses are already very useful for my current job, especially conducting international transactions. Combined with my experience in intellectual property management and licensing management, I believe I can continue to develop my career in the entertainment industry.

Tell us about your dreams and aspirations.

I really don't have a big dream like the younger generations. If possible, I would like to travel around the US like Jack Kerouac did in the 50's.

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