Student Intern Profile

Name: Masahito Yamasaki
Country: Japan
Major: International Business Studies
Internship at: Texas Instruments
Duration: Summer 2014

Masahito's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
9:00 Arrive at work; check e-mail and schedule; work on SPR (Special Price Request)
11:00 Attend workshop with TIJ Sales
12:00 Lunch with pricing team and younger TIJ employees
14:00 Weekly meeting with pricing team
16:00 Training and interview with TIJ managers
17:40 Finish work


Interview with Masahito's Internship Sponsor

Things have been done the Japanese way, but we're a multinational company. To increase the level of communication, speaking in English is important, and that's where I believe having bilingual interns can help.

Gavin Reid, Controller, Texas Instruments Japan

Interview with Masahito's Internship Sponsor

When we talk about projects, it's really about timing. It is fortunate that we had a project that we could get the internship student to be involved in both last year and this year. That's very exciting, but I think even without a project, we will be able to provide an experience that actually gets into the day-to-day work execution.

Yuko Nuki, Manager, Marketing Pricing, Texas Instruments Japan

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