Enrollment Information and Class List

For your section's enrollment number and class list, check the up-to-date 'Class List' in Self Service Banner (SSB) on TUportal. Please see "Learn About Your Students with Class List" below to know where to see the up-to-date class list.

Learn About Your Students with Class List (PDF: 553KB) 

Grading / Grade Changes


Please refer to "Entering Final Grades through Banner" below for the procedure of final grading through TUportal. In principle, all faculty members do e-grading in SSB on TUportal, and final grades must be entered within 48 hours after the last day of final exams. A short demonstration below has been designed to guide you through the process.

Entering Final Grades through Banner (PDF: 612KB) 
Self-Service Banner Grading (PDF: 923KB) 

You can also find your school or college grading liaison below.

Grading Liasons 

Grade Changes

Faculty can request a grade change on SSB for a grade that was rolled (processed/recorded) to a student's academic history within two years, as long as the student has not graduated. An online demonstration is available to watch below (use Internet Explorer browser).

Self-Service Banner COG Work Flow 

Note: Incomplete grade changes and past semesters' grade changes can be requested by following the procedure above.

Incomplete Grade Agreement

In order to process 'Incompletes' for students, faculty must enter information on TUportal and file the necessary paperwork. For more information, please refer to the Incomplete Coursework Policy below.

Incomplete Coursework Policy 

TUportal Incomplete grade entry procedure is available to watch below (use Internet Explorer browser).

TUportal Incomplete Grade Entry Procedure 

Paperwork includes:

Agreement for Issuing an Incomplete Grade Form (PDF: 142KB) 

Midterm Progress Ratings

This process is mandatory for all undergraduate students in fall and spring semesters every year. For more information, please see the Policy on Academic Progress for Undergraduate Courses below. Detailed procedure is also available below.

Policy on Academic Progress for Undergraduate Courses 
Self-Service Banner (SSB) Midterm Progress Ratings (PDF: 481KB) 

Student Feedback Forms (SFFs)

Every instructor is required to have his or her teaching evaluated by students every semester using a standard form adopted for such purpose. [Policy(02.78.14), Nov. 2002]

Student feedback is anonymous and confidential; results are available in composite form after grades have been submitted and evaluations processed. Please be advised that to preserve student anonymity data are not reported for any course in which the enrollment is fewer than five students.

As of Summer 2012, the SFFs for undergraduate and graduate courses are conducted online. Students will be sent emails from the University asking them to complete their evaluations online.

Email communication for short duration and early start courses are sent directly by school/college liaisons.
Instructors are encouraged give students time in class to complete SFFs, and to discuss with students the importance of providing course and instructor feedback.

New SFF Guide - for instructors 
SFF Video Guide for Instructors 
SFF Admin Panel 

For more information, please see the Policy on Course and Teaching Evaluations below.

Policy on Course and Teaching Evaluations