Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson

After Fifty Days


About 50 days ago, I returned to Temple University as head of the Japan campus. Originally attracted to TUJ as a law student and then again as a campus leader and law professor, it is an honor to again serve students, staff, faculty, alumni, and others associated with Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ). The reception has been warm, and I have appreciated the support and patience of so many. In returning to Temple, I have been extremely encouraged by what I have discovered. Although there are many, please allow me to share five such discoveries.

Exceptional global students

Most significantly, I have been inspired by TUJ students and their global perspective, talents, optimism, positivity, and drive. Obtaining a degree in a setting where about 40% of the students are from Japan, 40% are from the United States, and 20% are from other countries around the world is exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

My personal focus and priorities involve elevating our students and helping enhance their college experience. To date, I have been very impressed with TUJ students as they have planned campus events and engaged in educational activities. Individual consultations with students regarding academic pathways, careers, and new ideas have been encouraging. At the invitation of our Basketball Club, it has been energizing to regularly “hoop it up” with nearly 20 TUJ students from around the world after hours in our gym.

Dean Wilson and the TUJ Basketball Club
Dean Wilson and the TUJ Basketball Club
Dean Wilson and Toshimasa Hatori, Team Captain
Dean Wilson and Toshimasa Hatori, Team Captain

Temple Made, Temple Proud

The phrase “Temple Made, Temple Proud” is particularly fitting in current times. The resilience, patience, and sheer determination of TUJ faculty, staff, and students during the ongoing pandemic have been impressive. As our students engage in a mix of in-person and hybrid courses this semester, we have seen progress and innovative approaches. We look forward to even more in-person courses and activities next semester.

Global Reputation

Temple University’s reputation and stature continue to rise on a global scale. For example, Times Higher Education rates Temple among the top 350 universities in its 2021 world rankings. Among universities with full-degree programs in Japan, only four institutions were rated higher. Other entities hold Temple University in similar esteem. Among other things, Temple shines in the areas of internationalization, student engagement, student support, faculty research, and more.

Unparalleled Opportunities

TUJ continues to champion opportunity, engagement, and discovery. As a full-service global campus of a renowned 38,000-student university, TUJ draws upon the power and resources of our home campus in providing an exceptional education in English from global experts in their fields. It amazes me that, at an affordable price, you can obtain an undergraduate degree (ten different fields) and graduate degrees (TESOL, law, and business) entirely in Japan from a major state-related research American university. More broadly, TUJ also offers “degree-start” options for college students or college preparation through our Academic English program for those desiring to attend college in English. We also offer an extensive Continuing Education program for adult learners and our Corporate Education program for targeted professional development.

Collaboration and Partnership

Finally, I have experienced an unmistakable air of goodwill, respect, and appreciation for TUJ in meeting with stakeholders, alumni, lawmakers, industry leaders, universities, high schools, community members, and others. TUJ continues to build new bridges and forge pathways in terms of global learning and collaboration. Our close partnership with Showa Women’s University and our new location in Sangenjaya – only two stops away from Shibuya – is only one of many examples of what is possible through close cooperation. We look forward to strengthening existing relationships and forging many new ones with partners in Japan, Asia, and throughout the world.

For those who have yet to discover TUJ or would like to know more, we invite you to explore and learn more. The educational experiences and international opportunities through TUJ are truly amazing.


Matt Wilson, Dean

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