Disability Resources and Services (DRS)

Disability Resources and Services

For more information on mission and operations, please refer to the Main Campus website:

Disability Resources and Services (Main Campus website)

Temple University is committed to inclusion and diversity. We want to ensure all students have the support they need to learn. The Disability Resources and Services (DRS) team ensures that students with particular educational needs can access the full university experience.

If you are a prospective TUJ student, please feel free to contact the DRS Coordinator at TUJ (tujdrs@tuj.temple.edu) at any point in your application.

Disability Resources and Services(DRS)

Examples of academic accommodations:

  • Modification of course attendance policy
  • Extensions of assignment deadlines
  • Extended Time: One-and-one-half standard administration time for testing
  • Testing in a distraction-reduced environment
  • Allow student to make up tests when absent for disability-related reasons on day of scheduled test 


Placement Tests for incoming TUJ students

If you need accomodations during the placement testing, please contact the DRS Coordinator at TUJ (tujdrs@tuj.temple.edu).

Contact Us

Temple University, Japan Campus 
Disability Resources and Services Office

Office: TUJ 6F (Access)
Tel: +81-3-5441-9800
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:30 by appointment