My DRS for Faculty

Log into My DRS  to view and sign student accommodation letters. If you have any questions about student accommodation letters, please contact us.

TUJ Accessibility Services Faculty Guide

For more information and guidance on accommodations for students, please see our in-depth Accessibility Services Faculty Resources Guide in Canvas by logging into the TUJ Faculty Information page . Select the Accessibility/Disability Student Services link at bottom of the Preparing for Classes section.

Accessibility of Information and Technology​

Assistive Technology​

The proliferation of information and technology presents an ongoing challenge for a university committed to accessibility. Temple University demonstrates its commitment to access and inclusion by:​​

  • ensuring that the information and technology it creates or provides is accessible in accordance with applicable law​​
  • providing its faculty with resources that help them meet their instructional needs and the needs of their students.

The TU Accessible Technology website  provides guidelines to help faculty and administration adhere to current regulations and expectations.