At TUJ, students intern at your organization as part of their academic curriculum (i.e., register for a credit bearing course). Organizations can announce these positions approximately three months in advance of the start date to ensure that students can register for the internship by the start of the upcoming semester (please see our Academic Calendar). Eligible applicants for credit internship positions are third and fourth year students in good academic standing.

We are currently looking for internship sponsors for our Spring 2025 semester (January 14 - April 23)

Please contact us by September 1 if you are interested. If you are looking to fill your position earlier than the spring semester, please consider submitting a part-time job announcement.


There are three sponsorship criteria for credit internships. Your organization must be able to:

  1. Allow the intern to work for at least 140 hours per school term (please see our Academic Calendar)
  2. Sign an Internship Memorandum of Understanding *
  3. Agree to complete an evaluation* of the intern at the end of the internship period

*A sample will be available to you upon initial contact.

Process for Hosting an Intern

Note: if your internship position does not receive any applications, we can (with your permission) re-release your announcement as a non-credit internship. A non-credit internship is essentially a volunteer experience and there is no official involvement with the university. All students are eligible to apply.


Internship Positions Announcement Templates

Credit Internship Announcement Template (MS Word) 

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