Al Jazeera

"Why money will not be enough to address Japan’s baby crisis"

Chika Hashimoto, a 23-year-old who recently graduated from Tokyo’s Temple University, is not averse to having a family in the future, but nor is she jumping at the opportunity. Has... Read the article.

Comments by Chika Hashimoto (TUJ graduate)


Sveriges Radio

"Experten: Kriget har ändrat Japans inställning till Ryssland  "

Rysslands fullskaliga invasion av Ukraina har fått stora konsekvenser för relationerna mellan Ryssland och världens tredje största ekonomi, Japan. Japan har bland annat infört sank... Read the article.

Comments by James D.J. Brown


Japan Times

"Dear, the war has started': My journey from Ukraine to Japan  "

I’m at home in bed, blanketed in a thick silence. It’s not a comfortable silence; I have a lot on my mind. It’s Feb. 24, 2022. I can hear loud bangs in the distance — it could be f... Read the article.

Written byNatasha Makohon


The Japan Times

" Taiwan and lessons that can be learned from the Ukraine conflict "

U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent surprise visit to Ukraine has placed added pressure on Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to follow in the footsteps of the other Group of Seven leaders... Read the article.

Written by Robert Dujarric


Nikkei Asia

"It is time for Kishida to make a trip to Kyiv"

Last April, less than two months after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Boris Johnson, then pri... Read the article.

Written by James D.J. Brown


The Japan Times

"One year on, Ukraine war accelerating changes in Japan’s defense posture"

“A year ago, Japan was already on its way to increasing defense spending, acquiring long-range missiles and expanding security partners beyond its core alliance with the United Sta... Read the article.

Comments by James D.J. Brown

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News Azi

"From Haiti to Japan, What Happens After Film Crews Leave Disaster Zones?"

The earthquake that has killed more than 40,000 people and brought destruction and misery to Turkey and Syria lasted approximately 75 seconds. The economic, social and political re... Read the article.

Comments by Jeff Kingston


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

" Китай в уме. Почему Япония так жестко отреагировала на вторжение в Украину "

Реакция Японии на вторжение в Украину оказалась совсем не похожей на то, что происходило в российско-японских отношениях после аннексии Крыма в 2014 году. Если тогда Токио ограничи... Read the article.

Written by James D.J. Brown


Stars and Stripes

"‘War is the problem’: Children of former POWs share parents’ stories of Japanese captivity"

This year, no former U.S. prisoners from World War II made an annual trip to the Japanese capital at the invitation of their former captors. Instead, a son and six daughters came t... Read the article.

TUJ mentioned


Stars and Stripes

"Japan IDs balloons spotted in its airspace 4 years ago as Chinese spy craft"

John Kirby, the White House national security spokesman, afterward on MSNBC denied Wenbin’s claim of U.S. surveillance balloons over China. “Not true. Not doing it. Just absolutely... Read the article.

Comments by James D.J. Brown


The Asia-Pacific Journal

"Curbing Academic Freedom in Japan"

Compared to other countries in Asia, the threats to academic freedom in Japan may not seem especially severe. Scholars are not beaten, jailed, tortured, or killed for expressing th... Read the article.

Written by Jeff Kingston



"W co gra Kim? Dyktator Korei Północnej chwali się rakietami i przedstawia światu córkę Czytaj więcej na"

Do tej opinii przychyla się dr Robert Dujarric, szef Instytutu Studiów nad Współczesną Azją w Temple University. Dujarric sądzi, że prezentacja następczyni to także przekaz skierow... Read the article.

Comments by Robert Dujarric


Stars and Stripes

"Philippines leader says he’s open to territorial access for Japanese troops"

Japan, which occupied the Philippines during World War II, has sent troops there in recent years to participate in training with U.S. and Philippine forces. Tokyo has promised to d... Read the article.

Comments by Jeff Kingston


Tokyo Shimbun Web

"港区の高輪高、東欧の小国学ぶ「唯一」の部活 僕らマケドニア同好会!言語、文化… 大使と交流も"

高輪高校(港区高輪)の生徒が部活動でマケドニアの言語を学び、文化を研究している。きっかけはコロナ禍でのオンライン英会話だった。スタートから2年余りだが、活動は北マケドニア大使館訪問や学園祭でのマケドニ... Read the article.

Comments by Jordanco Sekulovski


South China Morning Post

"Japan’s Kishida under fire for ‘poor’ hiring decisions after aide makes anti-LGBT remarks"

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida faces growing scrutiny over the calibre of his inner circle, after he had to dump a key aide who made discriminatory comments against the LGBT... Read the article.

Comments by Hiromi Murakami


The Spectator

"Japan’s plans for an anti-China alliance"

A further complication is that Japanese business continues to be a major investor in China. While Japanese companies are slowly moving some of their factories out of the country, t... Read the article.

Comments by Jeff Kingston


The Japan Times

"China ‘learning lessons’ from Ukraine invasion, NATO chief says in Tokyo "

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has warned that China is “watching closely and learning lessons” from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that could influence Beijing’s future dec... Read the article.

Comments by James D.J. Brown

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