Spaces for study or collaboration are available for TUJ students during TUJ building hours.

Reservable Study Spaces

Several study spaces are available on a reservation basis in the TUJ building and at Showa Women’s University.

TUJ open study spaces 110A
TUJ open study spaces 606C
TUJ open study spaces 606C

TUJ Group Study Rooms

You can make reservations in advance, or when you are seeking to use a room. 

  • First Floor: Rooms 110A and 110C
  • Second Floor: Rooms 210A, 210B, 210C, 210D, 210E, 210F
  • Sixth Floor: Rooms 606B, 606C, 606D, and 606E

*You will need your TUID and email address to reserve.

Reserve Now


Several open study spaces are available without reservation required. 


Parliament | Cafeteria | Art Gallery | Stairway Reading Nook | Lounge in front of the Information Center | Outdoor picnic tables

TUJ Setagaya Campus First floor: Parliament
TUJ Setagaya Campus First floor: Cafeteria
TUJ Setagaya Campus First floor: Art Gallery
TUJ Setagaya Campus First floor: Information Center Lounge
TUJ Setagaya Campus First floor: Reading Nook
TUJ Setagaya Campus First floor: Outdoor Picnic Table


Library tables and study carrels| Study room across from Art Studios

TUJ Setagaya Campus Second floor: Library
TUJ Setagaya Campus Second floor: Library
TUJ Setagaya Campus Second floor: Library
TUJ Setagaya Campus Second floor: Study Room


Room 501 open computer lab | 6F Outdoor patio study area | Room 606 study tables 

TUJ Setagaya Campus Fifth floor: Computer Lab
TUJ Setagaya Campus Sixth floor: Patio Study Area
TUJ Setagaya Campus Sixth floor: Room 606
TUJ Setagaya Campus Sixth floor: Room 606


Owl-coves are two-person seating nooks located on the 3rd – 6th floors of the TUJ building across from the elevators. 


If you are looking for a place to study and notice an empty classroom on floors 2-6, please feel free to use it until the next class starts coming in. To make it easier to identify empty classrooms, we will be posting space availability on the digital signboards soon.


We invite you to respectfully use facilities at Showa Women’s University (SWU) – especially if you are searching for a spot to study or eat during peak times on our campus.

    Showa Digital Square Lounge

    Check out a “Passport” from the TUJ Library that enable you to use the two study lounges -- one quiet lounge and one collaborative lounge -- on the first floor of the Showa Women’s University side of our main building (adjacent to our Cafeteria). These lounges are available to TUJ students from 1:00 to 6:00 pm so long as you have one of the passports. Please make sure that you follow the rules of use for this space. 

    Showa Digital Square Lounge


    You can enter the SWU main campus either the front gate or south gate of SWU with your student ID.  The south gate is located about a 30 second walk away from our gym/pool building.

    • Outdoor seating. Please feel free to respectfully use any of the outdoor seating areas on SWU’s main campus.
    • Other study areas. You are welcome to use the areas in Building #8 (marked as 19 on the map).
    • Lunch in the Showa Cafeteria. Of note, you can purchase lunch at the Sofia Cafeteria in Building #14 during the times listed below (essentially 10:00 am-3:00 pm, but not during the 12:00-13:30 time slot)



    A small weight room is available for TUJ students on the 2nd floor, room 203.  Four students may use the room at a time.  Make your reservation online for a spot. 

    *You will need your TUID and email address.


    For students who need a space to pray, a prayer room is available on the 6th floor, room 605. No reservation required.


    If you are not feeling well, the Information Center (IC) staff on the 1st floor can provide access to our sick room where you can lie down.  This room is only for students who are suddenly not feeling well.

    Some additional spaces may be reserved for special receptions, formal events, and other programs. For more information, please contact Facilities at

    Check TUJ campus floor guide >>