The International Jurist

"Temple Law expands collaborations in India"

Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law has legal education programs in Japan and China, and now the law school is building and strengthening partnerships in India.In Fe... Read the article.


South China Morning Post

"Can Japan, China resolve ‘deeply politicised’ Fukushima water issue? Experts say neither side able to back down"

The bickering between Japan and China over the release of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant has continued on the sidelines of the three-way summit in Seoul with ... Read the article.

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Indo-Pacific Defense Forum

"Japan boosts maritime defenses amid PRC’s Senkaku Islands coercion"

Japan is bolstering its maritime security capabilities, including increasing its Coast Guard budget and establishing a maritime group for rapid troop transportation, as the nation’... Read the article.

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South China Morning Post

"Japan’s Kishida faces plummeting public support – can opposition take advantage?"

As public support for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government falls, opposition parties could gain ground against the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) by presenting... Read the article.

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News Picks

"昭和女子大学の「SWU-TU」ダブル・ディグリー・プログラム」3期生8名がテンプル大学を卒業 ビジネスデザイン学科からは初"

2024年5月17日、昭和女子大学の「SWU-TUJダブル・ディグリー・プログラム」3期生8名が、米国ペンシルベニア州立テンプル大学を卒業した。卒業したのは国際学部国際学科2名、英語コミュニケーション... Read the article.



"How crisis over Kuril Islands helps Kyiv in war with Russia"

The Kuril Islands are an archipelago of 56 volcanic islands of various shapes and sizes that stretch over a distance of 1300 km from the north of Japan to the southern tip of Russi... Read the article.

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MENAFN- The Peninsula (AFP)

"‘Dad’s Going Up In a Rocket!’ French Businessman Set For Launch"

Washington: He arrived in Texas, tried on his flight suit for the first time, and is now preparing to live out his childhood dream. On Sunday, French entrepreneur Sylvain Chiron wi... Read the article.


South China Morning Post

"Japan-Taiwan ties get boost from Taipei mayor’s Tokyo visit and ‘closely linked’ security concerns about Beijing "

A visit to Tokyo by a rising star of the Taiwanese political scene and plans for an unprecedented number of Japanese politicians to travel to Taipei for the May 20 inauguration of ... Read the article.

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South China Morning Post

"More ‘insensitive’ rhetoric against Japan likely, experts say, as US election campaign heats up"

Japan has protested after a senior US politician justified the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, although observers say the comments by Republican Senator Lind... Read the article.

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"Catastrophe': Japan's population is plummeting - and there's warning NZ isn't far behind "

Read the article.

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South China Morning Post

"Oliver Stone amplifies Okinawans’ opposition to new US military base, calls Japan’s leaders ‘gutless’"

Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s scathing comments about Japan’s leaders being too “gutless” to stand up to the US over its usage of Okinawa to build military facilities have cast... Read the article.

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South China Morning Post

"Russia builds surveillance bases near northern Japan. Is it ‘punishing’ Tokyo for supporting Ukraine?"

Russia is building a network of surveillance bases on disputed islands off northern Japan to boost its military capabilities, although analysts say the enhancements are, in part, a... Read the article.

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VOA News

"Japan-Russia tensions flare over Ukraine war amid decades-long land disputes "

Friction between Japan and Russia will likely escalate amidst the burgeoning Ukraine war, with the decades-long land conflicts showing no sign of thawing.The Kremlin recently banne... Read the article.

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International Economics and Economics Policy

"Deflecting economic sanctions: do trade and political alliances matter? "

Success of economic sanctions hinges on their impact on sanctioned countries’ trade. This, in turn, depends on the sanctioned country’s opportunity to divert trade to a third party... Read the article.

Written by Prachi Gupta


The Foreign Service Journal

"Moderation as a “Fighting Creed” "

If you believe that political and social polarization is the chief threat to America today, Aurelian Craiutu has written an important and hopeful book.Craiutu, a professor of polit... Read the article.

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"Japan’s Workers Treading Water "

After three decades of tepid economic growth and stagnant wages, Japanese employment practices have shifted from stable jobs to contingent work. Half of the 21 million contingent ... Read the article.

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