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Yuki Kaito



Thank you Dean Stronach, faculty, honored guests, families and friends who came here to celebrate today with us. It is my great honor to make this commencement speech on behalf of the graduates of the Temple University, Japan Campus.

Congratulations to all class of 2018. We finally did it. Like many of us, I believed in myself, but could not have imagined this moment when I took the first class at TUJ. Up until today, we spent so much time learning and chatting. As professional educators, the professors gave all of their effort to help us learn. Although, I sometimes felt they were probably possessed by “Oni” (Japanese demons), especially when they gave us tons of assignments before our precious weekends. We appreciate all the support they have given us. Because of their kind support, we now understand how to research complicated subjects, write an appropriate report on our research, and give a presentation to share our ideas. I am also proud of all of the efforts we made. It was meaningful for us because it has brought us here today. From today, technically, we have no more assignments, exams or papers, but we still have Roppongi.

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As students at TUJ, we acquired knowledge and a set of skills, which are essential for our future success, but we also learned many other important things. I would say we learned what true friendship is at TUJ. In economics, people are assumed to be rational, which means, they always try to maximize their own benefits. This is one of the core ideas in economics. However, what I saw at TUJ, was totally different from this idea. We always took time to help each other. We shared so much laughter and so many tears even at 2 a.m. or 1 hour before taking the final. There was no cost-and-benefit analysis, but only respect between us. In this sense, we were not rational and I would say, "Don’t always be like an economist,"" because, I am certain, our "irrational" friendships will remain special even after graduating from TUJ.

We also learned about the world itself at TUJ. As you know, we have incredible diversity. Students now come from over 60 countries, and each student has a different background and culture. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend the large new campus opening in 2019, but we actually had a miniature world inside of our small buildings. Tokyo provides us a high level of security, a well-developed transportation system, and clean food and water. In such a comfortable environment, we sometimes lost the harsh reality of the world. However, our classmates reminded us of the problems in the world, or even in Japan, by sharing their experiences and thoughts from diverse angles. This special experience made us unique and powerful.

The future is coming. Some of us may have already started their new jobs, and now we must walk a different path. Our time is limited, so try to do the things you want to do in your life. It will be very challenging, but we are now fully prepared for it. I believe, as graduates of TUJ, we can have a greater impact on society than we think. However, don’t concentrate too much on your job; earning money is only a part of our lives. We know life is difficult and sometimes you need a rest (like after taking five finals in a day). So don’t forget to rest and spend time with your partner, family and friends.

In closing, thank you to all the people who supported our lives at TUJ. We could have never reached today without your support. And for the class of 2018, don’t drink too much after this ceremony. Today is the day we celebrate our accomplishment, but tomorrow will be the day we start new journey, and I hope not all of us will start our journey with a terrible hangover. One day, we meet again and share our stories…or just share your journey on your Instagram.

Good luck to all.

Thank you