Academic Accommodations​

What are academic accommodations?​

Academic accommodations are modifications provided to students to provide equal access to the learning environment. Accessibility Services uses an individualized process to establish reasonable accommodations on the basis of a meeting with you and a review of all supporting information you provide.​​

During your initial meeting with us, you will discuss the impact of your disability in the learning environment and we will determine appropriate reasonable accommodations. After your initial meeting, you can log on to MyDRS  to send, view and print your accommodation letters.​​

An accommodation letter is an official document that you send to your professors so that they know how to support you in the classroom. We recommend that you meet with each of your professors to discuss about your accommodations. For an example of how to handle this discussion, watch these Access TU videos .​

​Professors will not retroactively provide academic accommodations in situations where students did not submit their accommodation letters in a timely manner. Accommodations begin once an instructor has read your letter, and you have discussed your accommodations with them. Note that essential requirements of a course will not be changed for any student.​​

If you need a change to your accommodation letter, contact us to discuss your circumstances.​

Some academic accommodations you could receive depending on your circumstances could include:​

  • Alternative Material Format​​
  • Accessible Technology​
  • Testing Support​
  • Reading Support​​
  • Absences policy modification and breaks​

Registering for Accommodations​

To begin the process to determine your eligibility and to implement academic accommodations for you, you will need to do the following:​

  1. Complete the Registration form  and submit.
  2. The Accessibility Services Coordinator will contact you and set up an initial intake meeting to discuss your needs and potential accommodations. You will be asked to submit documentation regarding your diagnosis.
  3. The requested accommodations will then go through a review process.​
  4. Once approved, you will receive notification of your accommodations. Copies will be sent out to your instructors (you may choose which classes receive them).​
  5. Once your instructor has received your accommodation letter, please contact them to begin a discussion about how your accommodations will be used in class. Students and instructors are both encouraged to keep a dialogue open about their accommodations (for the classes you choose to receive accommodations).​