Student Intern Profile

Name: Steven Tang
Country: U.S.A.
Major: International Business Administration / Management Information Systems
Internship at: Delta Air Lines
Duration: Fall 2014 & Spring 2015
Note: Academic Year Abroad

Steven's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
9:30 Arrive at work, greet coworkers with "おはようございます" (ohayou gozaimasu/good morning), respond to emails.
10:00 Create new Purchase Orders
12:00 Meet with head of IT Department to discuss IT career path
13:00 Lunch with coworkers
14:00 Meeting with supervisor to discuss specific Purchase Order issues
15:30 Update and adjust previously created Purchase Orders
17:30 Work on Excel Macro Project
18:30 "お疲れ様です" (otsukaresama desu/thank you for your hard work) to coworkers, return to home


Interview with Steven's Internship Sponsor

They're getting to see, experience, and interact with real-life business, with real-life people who are doing this for a career. I just think it's a wonderful program that benefits both the company and the students.

David Spence, Regional Director, Finance, Asia Pacific, Delta Air Lines

Interview with Steven's Internship Sponsor

I'd say, don't be afraid to talk to other people in the office. Don't be afraid to jump into things. … you may not initially think you are suited for finance, but after talking to people about it, it can really open it up for you.

Morgan Whitmer, Sales Planning Analyst, Asia Pacific, Delta Air Lines (TUJ graduate, class of 2014; Delta intern spring 2013)

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