Bolun Zhang

Bolun Zhang

B.A. in Economics


Good afternoon. First, I would like to say that I am honored to receive the opportunity to speak at the commencement of Temple University, Japan Campus. I want to first express my sincere gratitude to my parents for their support and also to all professors for their instruction in the classes. In addition, I want to sincerely appreciate this amazing university for fulfilling my college career. I hope that the speech I prepared for today will be inspirational and motivational and no worries, I actually shortened my speech a bit so that we can all attend the buffet afterward happily.

Now, let's begin. Wow! We are finished with college! Can you believe that? Another chapter of our lives has ended and a new chapter has opened. While at the college, our goal was to learn education and participate in all other "college" activities. However, after college, our path will be separated, and we will enter the real world. A question will then come into our mind: What will we do now? Find a job? Apply for graduate school? Uncertainty has come into our lives. It seems like it is filled with anxieties and stress, and sometimes heartburn; however, I do believe that uncertainty is actually a positive aspect. I believe that facing uncertainty means we are given the opportunity to chase our inner enthusiasm, the opportunity for us to set our own goals, and the opportunity for us to put in the effort to strive toward our goals. "Uncertainty" is the opportunity that is filled with full of freedom and allows us to have the choice to explore our real inner fervor. And the most important thing is that, in the end, we should have no regrets in the future.

Now, let's bring up a word. You all know about the word YOLO right? It means "you only live once." Now, don't worry. Normally, this word is viewed negatively, as everyone commonly perceives YOLO in terms of reckless and carefree attempts that could potentially cause physical harm. Yes, I did get that definition off from the However, let's forget about the negative sides of YOLO. For myself, I actually believe that focusing on the words You Only Live Once in the real world would allow me to work harder toward my goals. Think this way, we all have one life to live and it is extremely important to live a satisfied and an accomplished life; a life to the fullest and a life without any regret, as this should be the ultimate goal of our lives. For example, for myself, I believe that the most scary thing is that when I look back, I began to tell myself, "Damn, I wish I could have worked harder on that, I could have done that, etc, while I had the time and opportunity." Time doesn't go backward and it is a one-shot. In fact, looking back four years ago when I was in high school, I am already very regretful that I could have spent more time and trained harder at playing sports when I had the time and chances to train. But now, I spend almost equal amount of time, or more, on a different kind of train, back and forth to school. Yes, I live deep in Chiba.

But what I wanted to say is that when we have a goal, we need to work hard to achieve it. We have plenty of opportunities to choose and to set up our goals, yet our opportunity to work diligently is actually very limited, because there is always a deadline to everything that will cut off the opportunity. Therefore, let's spend 1000% of our effort now when we can, on a goal or on an objective, so that in the future when we flash back in time , we will not regret and think that we should have worked harder when we had the chance to. Do not be like me with all the regrets back in time.

Bolun Zhang

And also, (this is actually the problem that I had) do not be afraid of setting up a goal that you think you may not be able to reach. We are not psychics who are able to predict the future. For myself, actually, I used to be very afraid of "uncertain outcomes." Even though I may look like a relaxed person, since I was very young I actually get extremely anxious, especially before tests, interviews, and sports matches, etc. I was actually a kid who grew up with constant anxiety because I keep having this thought that "What happens if I lose or don't do well on certain things." Until this one day, I heard this quote from my favorite Japanese martial artist, Antonio Inoki, on a Japanese TV show, which he said in Japanese, 出る前に負けることを考えるバカがいるかよ. What he said was that "who is dumb enough to worry that he/she may lose before everything even begins?" And then I was thinking to myself, damn, I must be so dumb in all my life. Why did I focus on losing or failing before everything even started? Before I even could work hard? Before I even could display my potentials? We all have potential, and that potential is displayed through our effort, and at same time, through our confidence. Confidence and optimism are something that we can control; so therefore, let's believe in ourselves. After all, we all only have one life, once, to trust our potential, right?

There is one quote from my favorite artist, Bon Jovi, that inspires me the most. It is in his song "It's My Life." Yes, I believe that some of you have heard me singing in too many places before. OK, I am going to sing it. "It's my life, It's now or never, cuz I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I am alive, it's my life…" OK I should stop now. But what I wanted to say here is that, it's really now or never, or everything else will become a regret in the future. Time is constantly moving forward. So therefore, again, let us spend 1000% of our effort when we can on achieving our goals so that there will be no regret in the future.

Life itself is precious, and freedom is a precious gift in our lives. Therefore, let us live a satisfied life to the fullest by taking the advantage of uncertainty, or the world of freedom that we will enter after TUJ. Let us be confident and believe in our potential and that we shall have no regrets in our lives, because as the graduates of 2015, we only live once! Thank you very much!


張 博倫(ジャンボーラン)

文学士 経済学科専攻



ここで、ある言葉を紹介します。皆さん、YOLOという言葉をご存知ですよね?「人生は一度だけ(You Only Live Once)」という意味です。通常、YOLOは身体的、物理的危害を伴う可能性のある、向こう見ずで慎重さにかける試みとして認識され、ネガティブに捉えられます。そう、urbandictionary.comの定義によれば、です。しかし、YOLOのネガティブな側面は忘れてしまいましょう。私自身、実社会ではYOLOという言葉に焦点を当てて行動することで、ゴールへ向かって、より懸命に努力することができます。こう考えてみましょう。私達の人生一度きりです。満足のいく、達成感に満ちた人生。そして、精一杯生きる人生、後悔のない人生を送ることはとても重要です。それが私達の人生の最終ゴールであるはずだからです。例えば、私自身にとって、最も恐れるのは振り返ってみて、「あぁ、もっとがんばればよかった、こうもできた、時間もチャンスもあったのに」と思い始めることです。時間は巻き戻すことはできず、一度きりです。実際、4年前の高校在学中のことを思い起こすと、時間とチャンスがあったあの頃に、もっと時間をかけて一生懸命スポーツを練習(train)しなかったのだろうと、既にとても後悔しています。しかし、今は同じくらい、あるいはそれ以上の時間を別な種類のtrain(列車)に乗って通学しています。そう、千葉のはずれに住んでいるので(笑)




私の大好きなボンジョビの言葉で、最も元気をもらったのは、「It's My Life」という曲の中の一節です。私が歌っているのを聞いたことがある人も多いかもしれませんね。では、歌ってみます。「It's my life, It's now or never, cuz I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I am alive, it's my life…」そろそろ止めないと(笑)。私が言いたかったのは、本当に今やらないと二度とその時はこない、やらなければ将来すべてが後悔になるということです。時間は常に流れてゆきます。ですから、繰り返しますが、持てる力の1000%をゴール達成に向けて努力しましょう。将来後悔のないように。