TUJ map tokyo


Tel: 0120-86-1026 (03-5441-9800)

Address and Map

1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0004 (Open in Google Maps Japanese)

Train access

The easiest way to reach the Tokyo campus is by train, through Sangen-jaya station. This station is served by two lines: the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line (subway) and the Tokyu Setagaya Line (tram). Please use the correct one.

  • 7-minute walk from Sangen-jaya Station, Den-en-toshi Line, South Exit A (Open in Google Maps Japanese)
    * Wheelchair lift located at South Exit
  • 10-minute walk from Sangen-jaya Station, Setagaya Line (Open in Google Maps Japanese)

Bus access


7-minute walk from Sangen-jaya Bus Stop, eastbound (Open in Google Maps Japanese)

Buses which use this stop:

  • 渋11 (from Den-en-chofu bound for Shibuya)
  • 渋12 (from Futakotamagawa bound for Shibuya)
  • 渋21~23 (from Soshigaya-Okura Station bound for Shibuya)
  • 渋82 (from Todoroki bound for Shibuya)


5-minute walk from Sangen-jaya Station Bus Stop, westbound (Open in Google Maps )

Buses which use this stop:

  • 渋11 (from Shibuya bound for Den-en-chofu)
  • 渋12 (from Shibuya bound for Futakotamagawa)
  • 渋21~23 (from Shibuya bound for Soshigaya-Okura Station)
  • 渋82 (from Shibuya bound for Todoroki)

Car access

When driving from Shibuya, the campus is most easily reached by turning left at the Mishuku intersection Japanese (see above map).

There is no parking available on TUJ grounds. There are some parking lots nearby:

Those with physical disabilities

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access available at Sangen-jaya Station, Den-en-toshi Line (lift located at South Exit) and Sangen-jaya Station, Setagaya Line. The campus is fully wheelchair accessible from the main entrance.

Disabled parking

If transit by any of the above methods is not feasible due to physical disability, limited parking is available upon request. Please contact tujinfo@tuj.temple.edu.

On the campus

 Floor Guide

Photo directions


From the ticket gate, find South Exit A ("南口A" in Japanese). Walk up the stairs. If you see this at the top of the stairs, you've used the correct exit.


Turn right at this intersection. As you turn, you will see Tomod's Pharmacy on your right.


Walk straight down this street. You will see Family Mart on the left. Keep on walking until the next four-way intersection.


Turn right onto the two-way street.


Walk down this street. As you pass the cinder block wall pictured here, you will see the Waterworks Bureau on the left.


Keep on walking straight ahead. You will see Aeon Food Styles by Daiei on the left and the road will curve a bit to the left.


Walk past Aeon Food Styles and keep on going until you see this intersection with the dental clinic on the left. (The clinic is called 太子堂 in Japanese. It has a distinct light brown, brick pattern wall.)


Turn left here. You will see the Temple University poster on the wall (pictured here).


Walk down this side street.


The main entrance to the school is half way down the street on the left.