Academic Advising is a series of supportive activities provided for students to accomplish their academic and career goals through assistances such as:

  • choosing an appropriate major based on their interests
  • selecting appropriate courses for their program of study
  • monitoring their academic progress
  • informing about the University's deadlines, policies, and regulations
  • assisting students on exploring academic options and opportunities

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) works with all undergraduate students as a primary support unit. Major and Area Coordinators are also available to assist students in course selection for the major and minor requirements based on their academic interest and needs.

Advising by Professional Advisors

Undergraduate students in all majors at any level can get assistance from the Academic Advising Center (AAC, located on the 1st floor of TUJ) staffed with full-time professional academic advisors. Students will be ensured by the AAC advisors to satisfy all of the University's graduation requirement areas, such as General Education, major, and college requirements. Advising is available on appointment basis throughout the semester with an exception of certain designated periods in which advising is limited, such as Graduation Review and Clearance or New Student Orientation.

Appointment is typically available between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please access the Advising Appointment Scheduling System. Each advising slot typically lasts for 30 minutes.

Note: Due to high demand for advising appointments, it is critical for students to arrive on time. Please be aware that students who are more than 10 minutes late to their appointment will have to reschedule due to time constraints.

Contact us

Academic Advising Center

  • Location: 1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0004 (Access)
  • Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Japan Time)
  • Tel: 03-5441-9800
  • E-mail: Please include TUID in all correspondence.

Major and Area Coordinators

While the AAC works as the primary unit for advising to TUJ undergraduate students, Major and Area Coordinators are also available for students to discuss their course selection particularly in major and minor requirements. Students should remember that Major and Area Coordinators are specifically responsible for the respective major and minor requirements only, and therefore, General Education and other collegial requirements are typically not covered by them. Students who seek assistance in comprehensive academic advising to cover all degree requirements should meet with a professional academic advisor from the AAC even after they discuss course selection in their major requirements with the Major Coordinator.

Double-major students and students with minors should also meet with a professional advisor from the AAC on a regular basis since there will be a policy regarding course sharing.

Through contact with the Major and Area Coordinators, students gain an in-depth appreciation of a specific discipline and discover opportunities associated with their field of interest. Some TUJ students choose to continue their studies by attending Masters or Doctorate Graduate programs of their choice. While each graduate program has their own specific admissions requirements, it is recommended that students meet with their Major Coordinator for further information and suggestions. Students should begin planning as soon as their sophomore/junior year.

Students should request an appointment with their Major Coordinator individually.

Pre-Law Mentoring

A very important part of success in law school admissions is exceptional advising and mentoring. While there are many paths to prepare for law school, you need good mentors to help you build your own personal academic and experiential path, and to know how to present your achievements to law schools in the best light. To find out more about preparing for graduate study in legal studies, contact Prof. Tina Saunders (