Student Testimonials

We All Want to Belong : Finding Community at TUJ

Soren Dickson

  • International Affairs Major
  • U.S.A.

TUJ's Flexible Major System is a Game-Changer

Sakura Hirose

  • Communication Studies Major
  • Japan

Discovering Your Interests and Desires at TUJ

Sena N'Singi

  • Communication Studies Major
  • Canada

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Learn More About Yourself

André Jules Fumi Renaud

  • International Business Studies Major
  • South Africa

Surrounded by Inspiring Classmates at TUJ

Shunya Fukuda

  • International Business Studies Major & Computer Science Minor
  • Japan

Creating Links and Friendship that Last

Samuel Cormier

  • Communication Studies Major & Art Minor
  • France

The Path I Chose to Follow My Dreams and Goals

Sam Harada

  • International Business Studies & Japanese Language Double Major
  • U.S.A

Internship Interview

My Internship at CNN: Where Proactivity Equals Success

Natsumi Sugiura

  • CNN
  • International Affairs Major
  • Japan

Turning Zero Experience into a Resume Builder

Hana Mohsin

  • Minato City Hall
  • International Affairs Major
  • U.S.A.

Challenged in a Field Completely Different from My Major

Reina Arisaka

  • Embassy of Jordan Japan
  • Psychological Studies Major
  • Japan Canada

Internship Experience that Required Flexible Thinking and Resourcefulness

Anastasio Villano

  • British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ)
  • International Business Studies Major
  • U.S.A.