Last update: September 2014

A course Prerequisite is any requirement an academic department identifies as essential for a student to complete before taking a course. The university is responsible for publishing prerequisite requirements. All prerequisites, whether they apply to an individual course or to all courses in a department, should be stated in the electronic version of the university's course schedule. They should also be stated in the course syllabus.

Course prerequisites consist of one or more of the following: completion of placement or proficiency tests; achievement of specified scores on placement or proficiency tests; approval after portfolio; declaration of major and/or minor; completion of specific courses, sets of courses, and/or kinds of courses (including transfer credits); completion of a specified number of semester hours or achievement of a specified class level; achievement of specified grades in prerequisite courses or sets of courses; satisfaction of other specified requirements.

Students are responsible for knowing and completing all published prerequisite requirements for a course before taking that course. The university has the obligation to inform students of prerequisite requirements. The university has the right to cancel a student's registration in a course if the student has not satisfied the published prerequisite requirements for that course.

Neither a course instructor nor a major coordinator at TUJ can waive prerequisites.

Students who want to request an exemption from the published prerequisites must petition to the Academic Advising Center by demonstrating a legitimate justification and/or an extenuating circumstance. A written verification of the given circumstance is usually required.