Declaration in or before Summer 2009

College of Liberal Arts

Students at TUJ may, in consultation with the Academic Advising Center, design an interdisciplinary major in the humanities (art history, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, philosophy, religion) or the Social Sciences (american studies, asian studies, economics, history, political science, psychology).

The successful completion of the approved sequence of courses will lead to a B.A. in general studies. A general studies major allows students to benefit from all the academic fields available at the Japan campus and to create an area of study that embraces an intellectual theme, such as environmental and population control, human rights, war and peace, or moral and ethical responsibilities.

General Studies Major Requirements

The degree of Bachelor of Arts in College of Liberal Arts may be conferred upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 123 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 overall, in college and the major. A minimum of 123 credit hours will be earned in the following four requirement categories.

A major in general studies requires that students take 15 major courses from the College of Liberal Arts, five of which must be in one academic department (e.g., history). Of these five, at least three must be upper-level courses. Of the remaining ten courses, seven must be chosen from a minimum of three other departments in the chosen track (i.e., humanities or social sciences).

Of the 12 required courses in the chosen track, seven must be upper-level courses, including one upper-level writing-intensive course. An additional three upper-level courses must be chosen from the College of Liberal Atrs departments outside the chosen track (i.e., social sciences or humanities).