Anyone who is not a Japanese national and wishes to take classes at TUJ for more than three months will need to acquire a Japanese student visa through TUJ. Students cannot apply for a Japanese student visa independently of TUJ.

If you are already in Japan on a temporary visitor visa, you will be expected to leave Japan in order to apply for your student visa and then re-enter Japan on a student visa. Refer to the "Applying for a New Student Visa" for more information on applying for a student visa.

If you have not processed your "Certificate of Eligibility” (COE) before entering Japan and was granted a temporary visitor status, you will have to leave Japan and re-enter on a student visa.

The temporary visitor status does not cover the original purpose of your stay in Japan, and granting the college student visa is solely at the discretion of the Japanese Immigration Bureau. TUJ does not have any influence or control over this process.