Embraces a variety of disciplines from Temple's Klein College of Media and Communication, including critical and mass media studies, production, journalism, and advertising. Students can choose from several tracks, including a production track that emphasizes visual or audio production. Students may also undertake an optional internship available in a variety of related fields. Along with technical skills, knowledge, and critical thinking, the major aims for students to become productive and responsible professionals.

Advisor and Coordinator of Communication Studies major

Our Communication Studies program takes an interdepartmental approach.

For example, students who have an interest in filmmaking can study videography, editing and sound. Those with an interest in journalism can work in magazine writing, the online space and broadcasting. Our goal is to develop students intellectually and prepare them for professional-level competency in media.

Being in Tokyo is superior for internships, given the international reach of both Japanese and foreign media. Over the years, our students have received internships at many foreign bureaus, public relations and advertising companies, and startup internet firms.


Sample Curriculum


A list of recently offered electives.

Travel Writing
The Video Game Industry and Game Culture
Creative Scriptwriting
Magazine Article Writing
Documentary Photography
Race & Ethnicity in American Cinema

Student Interivews

Sakura Hirose
TUJ's Flexible Major System is a Game-Changer
Sena N'Singi
Discovering Your Interests and Desires at TUJ
Samuel Cormier
Creating Links and Friendship that Last

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Brittanie Maddox

Brittanie Maddox

​Company: DreamWorks Animation LLC

Class of 2021
Major: Communication Studies

Attending TUJ turned out to be a pivotal moment that set me on the path towards achieving my goals. While living in Japan I was able to study communications, work as a student worker, collaborate with other creatives, make new friends, and pursue my artistic passions. Under the guidance of the TUJ study abroad coordinator, I was able to redirect my study abroad goals back to Los Angeles and gain valuable experience in an enterntainment-focused semester through Temple Main Campus. These experiences helped me gain self-assurance, overcome my anxieties, and develop my networking skills. Today, I am grateful to have landed my dream job at DreamWorks Animation. I was able to turn my dream of working in animation, particularly in post-production, into a reality. Choosing TUJ was a decision that helped me stand out and ultimately led me to where I am today. I take great pride in the experiences I had at TUJ and the personal growth and career development that resulted from them.