Last update: September 2014

Temple University recognizes its students' academic achievement by the followings.

Dean's List

Dean's List eligibility is determined by the semester grade point average (GPA) corresponding to cut-off points that will yield the top 16% of GPAs based on the five previous fall and spring semesters for each school or college. Students must have 12 graded credits (A to F grades) in order to be eligible for dean's list for the fall or the spring semesters.

Students who begin in the fall as part-time (i.e., registered for fewer than 12 credits) and continue as part-time in the spring will be eligible for dean's list in the spring if they accumulate at least 12 graded credits (A to F grades) over the fall and spring semesters and meet the GPA criteria listed on the chart for the school or college. If a student is enrolled part-time in the fall but full-time in the spring, eligibility for dean's list will be based on spring semester grades.

The most recent Dean's List eligibility is available at:
Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin - Academic Policies - Dean's List 

Note: Please note that the Dean's Lists are inaccessible from the public due to Japanese privacy law. Please contact the Academic Advising Center for more information.

Graduation (Latin) Honors

Latin Honors are awarded based on estimation procedures that are intended to yield 2% Summa, 5% Magna, and 9% Cum Laude awards for baccalaureate recipients from each Temple school and college. Graduates who have completed at least 60 credits at Temple are eligible for the appropriate honor if their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is equal to or greater than the cut-off value established for the honor. Students returning to the university following Academic Forgiveness may qualify for Latin Honors if they have a minimum of 60 earned hours in addition to the approved earned hours allowed at the time of Academic Forgiveness.

The most recent Latin Honors' eligibility is available at:
Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin - Academic Policies - Honors For Academic Achievement