The TUJ Leadership Scholarship aims to recognize and reward outstanding leadership and contribution to the university community by members of the Student Government (SG), Program Board (PB), and TUJ Student Clubs and Organizations leaders. This scholarship serves to encourage and support students who demonstrate exceptional dedication and initiative in fostering a vibrant and engaged campus environment.

Scholarship Details


  • Applications will open the first day of priority registration. The deadline to apply is 2 weeks after the first day of priority registration. Specific dates will be announced via email to eligible candidates.
  • The TUJ Leadership scholarship will be applied for the subsequent semester.



Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time undergraduate student who is admitted to TUJ (Japan Admit)
  • Currently serving as a member of Student Government, Program Board, or be a student club leader (including leaders and sub-leaders).
  • Student Government and Program Board members must have completed at least one semester in their current position. In short, applicants can apply during their second semester functioning in these positions.
  • Student club leaders and subleaders must have completed two semesters as either a club leader or sub-leader. In short, applicants can apply during their third semester functioning in these positions.
  • Register for the subsequent semester during priority registration.
  • Applicants must be in good-standing (academic, financial, conduct, and visa) with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Students who are graduating, taking the summer off or taking a leave of absence (LOA) in the following semester are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Students who have their full tuition covered by the GI Bill or TUJ scholarships are not eligible.


Application Requirements

The application form will be sent to members of the eligible groups two weeks before the deadline. The form will ask applicants to provide:

  • Leadership Portfolio: Highlighting leadership roles, responsibilities, and achievements within their organization.
  • Short Personal Statement (150 words or less): Describing the impact of their leadership on the university community and future goals.


Selection Process

  • The Scholarship Committee will review qualifying applications and may interview certain candidates. 
  • Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and not subject to appeal; the committee will not discuss individual cases.
  • Scholarship award winners will be notified via TUmail about two weeks after the application deadline.


Please contact Student Engagement at for any questions about the TUJ Leadership Scholarship.