If you apply for a TUJ-sponsored student visa, you are obligated to comply with both (i) Japanese immigration laws and regulations and (ii) the TUJ visa rules and regulations set forth in this section and the related instructions of the staff of TUJ. The behavior of students under visa sponsorship affects TUJ’s reputation and our ability to sponsor visas for other students. Accordingly, decisions whether or not to support your student visa are made by TUJ at its sole discretion. We may decline to provide or discontinue visa sponsorship, restrict enrollment, limit access to services and/or take other actions if, among others, students:

  • submit incorrect or incomplete statements in their visa application or in other communications with TUJ;
  • fail to follow Japanese immigration laws or TUJ visa rules and regulations;
  • commit criminal offenses or acts that may adversely affect TUJ’s standing with any Japanese governmental authority;
  • violate TUJ disciplinary policies or otherwise pose a threat to the wellbeing of others; or
  • withdraws from TUJ, fail to make adequate academic progress or are deemed unfit by the university to attend classes

Students who receive visa sponsorship from TUJ must comply with all laws regarding exiting Japan, if they (1) graduate from or end their studies at TUJ, or (2) are suspended or expelled from TUJ or TUJ has notified them of a decision to discontinue visa sponsorship.

Should you have any questions regarding TUJ’s visa regulations, please contact visa@tuj.temple.edu.