After the first semester at TUJ dorms, newly arrived visa sponsored students are responsible for finding their own housing unless they are assigned at a dorm where a multiple-semester stay is allowed. TUJ provides general information about alternative housing options, and mid-semester the university will hold information sessions to provide more housing related information. Note that TUJ does not operate as a relocation service or real estate agency, and does not serve as a guarantor for housing.

Getting Started

Here are the steps to take to find an apartment.


Research on the internet, collect information from friends, and discuss with your family to set price limits and expectations.


Consider these essential aspects and look for apartments that fit your needs and limitations.

  • rent
  • location
  • room size
  • distance from train station
  • neighborhood
  • furnished (yes/no)
  • key money (yes/no)
  • gift money (yes/no)
  • guarantor (yes/no)
  • Internet access
  • age of building
  • pet (yes/no)


Contact real estate agencies and make appointments to go visit vacant rooms of interest.


Thoroughly check the apartment onsite when you visit and compare it with others. It is recommended that you visit five apartments before deciding.


Learn from real estate agents about the contract procedure, the amount of your initial payment, move-in date, rules and regulations, etc.


Move out and move in. Plan how to move ahead of time (by taxi, train, mover's van, etc.).


Get utilities activated (gas, water, electricity) and internet to set up. Ask your realtor if there are any specifics to your apartment.


Update your new address on Self-Service Banner, the post office , and other places (cell phone company, bank , etc.).


Register your change of address on your residence card at your ward office, even if you are living in the same ward as before your move. If you moved to a different ward, you will need to re-register for National Health Insurance (NHI) at your new ward office. It is not necessary to update your NHI if you stay in the same ward; this will automatically be done for you when you register your new address for residence card. See the TUJ International Student Handbook for more information about this process.

Additional Information

For more information on types of apartments, terminology, real estate agents, and guarantors please see the following: