If you have a love of travel and a passion for a creative career, the trillion-dollar hospitality and tourism industry is where you belong. Organizations in this market look for innovative game-changers who possess the ability to think outside the box and curate unforgettable guest experiences while tackling real-world challenges. Our industry-backed curriculum is paired with hands-on experience to provide you with the skills to hit the ground running upon graduation.

* NOTE:  The degree requirements are in the process of being updated so these will change starting from Fall 2024. Any courses you have previously taken in THM will be applied toward the new major.


The new program will prepare students for professional careers in the fast-paced and creative trillion-dollar global tourism and hospitality industry. These exciting worlds in business offer many career paths that include entertainment venues, resorts, casinos, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, airlines, event planning companies, destination marketing organizations, and tourism boards. The skills learned in this program are also transferable to other industries, such as communications, entertainment, sports, and even healthcare.  The Japanese market is a particularly attractive target for THM students. Japan has a thriving tourism industry, with millions of visitors each year, and a growing interest in sustainable tourism practices. The Japanese hospitality industry is known for its high standards of service and attention to detail, making it an excellent place for graduates of this program to launch their careers.