Last update: September 2021


Major Coordinator

Taro Nettleton (, Art History


Minor Requirements

Declaration from Fall 2019 until Summer 2021: Temple Bulletin 2019-2020 

Declaration in or after Fall 2021: New

  • 15-20 credits required
  • Students must successfully complete the following courses with a grade of C- or higher


Art History Foundation Course

  Course Title Credits
Select one of the following 3-4
ARTH 1801 Arts of Asia  
ARTH 1155/1955 Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300  
Art History 1156/1956 Arts of the World II: 1300 to the 21st Century  
Art History 0808 Arts of the Western World: The Visual Experience  


Upper Level Art History Course

  Course Title Credits
ARTH 2000+   3-4
ARTH 2000+   3-4
ARTH 2000+   3-4
ARTH 2000+   3-4