Required Course:2 courses, 3 credits each

Note:Analytical Reading & Writing (English 0802/0812 or equivalent transferred course)

The Mosaic courses are a two-course sequence. Each course is 3 credits.

In these small discussion-based classes, students will be guided though a thematic approach to primary texts from great world cultural and intellectual traditions. Themes such as "journeys," or "faith" or "money" are the basis for reading and understanding a set of important texts from different time periods and different cultures. For example, as students explore the theme of "power," they will start with Homer's Illiad and the Declaration of Independence. Expanding on this theme, they will read 17th century political philosopher John Locke and 20th century American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., while weaving in important texts from China and the Middle East. As students interrogate the theme of 'power,' they will be making connections across different time periods, cultures, and types of writing.

Mosaic courses build upon the communication and critical thinking skills students developed in the Analytic Reading & Writing course, particularly the ability to make connections and arguments across different texts. That is why it is so important to take the ARW course before taking Mosaic.Upon completion of the Mosaic sequence, students will be able to:

  • Read challenging primary texts, and recognize the contemporary and personal connections within them;
  • Make connections across fields of study, historical periods and cultural boundaries;
  • Create interpretations and construct arguments; and
  • Express themselves persuasively in speaking and writing.

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