Required Course:1 course, 3 credits

Courses in this area explore societies and cultures, outside of the United States, and typically take one of two approaches. A course may focus on a single nation/region may examine in depth its political, social, historical, cultural, artistic, literary, geographic, and/or economic landscape. On the other hand, a course on interconnections may explore the processes linking several different societies, and the effects of globalization.

Students enrolled in these courses will:

  • Contextualize cultural differences existing between U.S. and world societies;
  • Develop observations and conclusions about selected themes in U.S society and culture; and
  • Articulate key differences between U.S. and world societies.

Additional GG / Foreign Language Requirement

In addition to the required one GG course, students in the following categories are required to complete additional requirements described below.

College of Liberal Arts Students

College of Liberal Arts students are to complete the second level of a foreign language, and one more course chosen from one of the following options:

A. Third level (or proficiently) in a foreign language

B. Take a second GenEd World Society (GG) course

C. Study Abroad at an approval program (check with AAC)

D. Take one Global Studies courses from the following list:

  • Asian Studies 2021: Japanese Literature in Film
  • Asian Studies 2501: Introduction to East Asia: China
  • Asian Studies 2502: Introduction to East Asia: Japan
  • History 1702: World History Modern
  • Japanese 2012: Survey of Japan Literature: Modern
  • Japanese 2021: Japanese Literature in Film
  • Japanese 2096: Japanese Popular Culture and Literature
  • Political Science 1201: Foreign Governments and Politics
  • Political Science 1301: International Politics

Students majoring in Asian Studies, International Affairs, and Japanese Language will automatically satisfy option A because these majors require completion of East Asian language courses beyond third level.

Art Major Students

Art students are to complete the second level of a foreign language.

International Business Studies Major Students

IBS students are to complete the fourth level of a foreign language.

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