Provides students with rigorous analytical methosds that contribute to the depth and complexity to political science, international relations, area studies, history, and law. Students learn about markets, consumer behavior, the government's role, economic development, wealth creation, fundamentals of ecpnpmics and fiscal policies. The senior seminar focuses on national experiences such as Japan in the context of Asian and the global economies.

Advisor and Coordinator of Economics major

Economics studies how individuals, companies and governments interact at the domestic and international levels to make decisions maximizing satisfaction, profits, output and growth subject to scarcity of resources like time, land, labor, technology and natural resources. Economic models study production, growth, and trade among other and develop methods and policies to solve for economic problems like cost minimization, inflation, unemployment, recessions, tax incidence and international debt. Models developed and studied by economists have many applications in decision making in business, finance, politics, political economy and international relations at the local and international levels.

The study of economics is quite technical and requires a good command of mathematics and statistics especially at the advanced level but the depth of knowledge acquired prepares economist to be effective managers, project managers, complex problem solvers and decision makers at the highest levels in corporations, banks, public institutions and the government.




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A list of recently offered electives.

 Economics for Life
 Women in the Economy
 Money and Banking
 Energy, Ecology, and Economy
 Behavioral Economics
 The Economics of Sports

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Candy Fujisawa
Kento Oshizaka
Federico Farani

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Alumni Voice

Rumon Mahmudul Hasa

Rumon Mahmudul Hasa

Company: Rakuten

Class of 2022
Major: Economics
Minor: Computer Science

I chose to attend TUJ because of its diverse and international student population in a tight-knit community. I enjoyed learning from individuals across the globe. Meeting people from different backgrounds through clubs, events and courses taught me a lot about new cultures and the true meaning of diversity. Duding my time at TUJ, I made an effort to engage with many groups and events to broaden my horizons. TUJ provided me with opportunities like captaining the TUJ Futsal Team, working as a teaching assistant for the Academic English Program, working as an open campus worker, and leading various key projects and events on campus. Thanks to my professors, especially those in my major, I gained a solid foundation of knowledge in my field, which helped me secure a position as a software engineer at Rakuten. TUJ launched my career and guided me towards my future goals, and I am forever grateful.