Enhances proficiency in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. With a strong emphasis on interpersonal communication, students engage in interactive learning experiences that encourage real-life application of their language skills. Through immersive activities and cultural nuances. This major equips students with the ability to effectively communicate in Japanese across various contexts.


  • Native speakers of Japanese are not permitted to pursue the Japanese major.
  • Transfer students intending to major in Japanese should also refer to the information on the Visa Regulations for TUJ-sponsored visa students.


Japanese Major Advisor
Coordinator of Japanese and World Languages Program

Our program takes a functional approach to language learning. It lays a special emphasis on language acquisition and its mastery so that students establish a solid linguistic foundation through integral language courses coupled with skills-based courses. TUJ ensures an optimum language learning environment for students where they have the opportunity to pursue their studies alongside Japanese students on campus and in the local community.

At TUJ, students who take up Japanese language have a strong interest in international careers, in U.S.-Japan relations and in Japan’s relations with other countries. Many pursue career opportunities in the Japanese markets where Japanese language proficiency is an absolute must. To meet such students’ needs and demands, the Japanese Language major focuses on enabling students to become functional and competent in all four language skills—reading, writing, speaking and listening—in Japanese.


Interview with Prof. Ryoko Osada

Welcome to Nihon-go: Let's Learn Japanese!

Note: This interview took place in July 2017.


An overview of required courses.



A list of recently offered electives.

 Tokyo in Literature and Film
 Mystery and Crime
 Fiction in Japan
 Kanji II
 Special Topics in Japanese I: Introduction to Translating Japanese
 Special Topics in Japanese I: Practical Keigo
 Women and Society in Japan

Student Interviews

Sam Harada
Ian Skversky
Melanie Sweeney

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Alumni Voice

Natalia Yordanova

Natalia Yordanova

Company: Medi Plus, Inc.

Class of 2021
Major: Japanese Language

I transferred to TUJ to earn my bachelor's degree and figure out how to position myself for a career in Japan. One of my most memorable experiences at TUJ was presenting about my home country at local schools as part of Community Relations events. It was amazing to see the kids' faces light up as they learned fun and interesting facts about Bulgaria, which helped me feel closer to the community and my own culture. I also had the opportunity to take part in an internship at the Minato City Hall. Working in the Japanese governmental sector helped me build a strong resume and improve my formal language skills, which came in handy during my job hunting. My Japanese major proved to be invaluable when I landed a job that required someone who could hold a conversation and understand explanations in Japanese. I was able to demonstrate my language skills by presenting my Capstone paper and a shorter piece as proof of my abilities. I believe that being in Japan while job hunting before graduation gave me a unique advantage in terms of the job opportunities available to me. Overall, I feel that TUJ provided me with the best chance of achieving my goals and getting to where I am today.