TUJ's Japanese Language major is a unique program designed to offer a comprehensive Japanese language curriculum in a JSL (Japanese as a Second Language) setting. It aims to achieve advanced and well-balanced proficiency in Japanese so that students will, by using the Japanese language as a communication tool, be active social agents to make contributions in the world of globalization.


  • Native speakers of Japanese are not permitted to pursue the Japanese major.
  • Transfer students intending to major in Japanese should also refer to the information on the Visa Regulations for TUJ-sponsored visa students.

Japanese Major Advisor
Coordinator of Japanese and Critical Languages Program

Interview with Prof. Ryoko Osada

Welcome to Nihon-go: Let's Learn Japanese!

Note: This interview took place in July 2017.

Sample Curriculum

Student Voice

Valerie Holland

Graduated from South Mecklenburg High School in North Carolina, USA

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I first learned about TUJ when a recruiter came to my high school Japanese class. After I visited Japan on a two-week scholarship program, I realized Japan was where I wanted to be. TUJ became my answer to a dream. I love the fact the even though TUJ is in Japan, it is an American university. It has been a goal of mine to become an English/Japanese translator. Knowing about many subjects will help me as a translator. I plan to become fluent in Japanese and learn many more subjects before I leave TUJ so that I can have a good chance of succeeding. TUJ has become a step to reach my dream career, and I am looking forward to my education here.