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Date Cover Name Title Country Language Major Minor Study Abroad
11/15/2023Soren DicksonSoren DicksonWe All Want to Belong : Finding Community at TUJU.S.A.EnglishInternational Affairs
7/28/2023Sakura HiroseSakura HiroseStudent Testimonial Sakura HiroseJapanEnglishCommunication Studies
5/24/2023Sena N'SingiSena N'SingiDiscovering Your Interests and Desires at TUJCanadaEnglishCommunication Studies
5/24/2023Andre Jules Fumi RenaudAndre Jules Fumi RenaudStepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Learn More About YourselfSouth AfricaEnglishInternational Business Studies
12/23/2022Shunya FukudaShunya FukudaSurrounded by Inspiring Classmates at TUJJapanEnglishInternational Business StudiesComputer Science
5/4/2022Samuel CormierSamuel CormierUndergraduate Student Interview: Creating Links and Friendship that LastFranceEnglishCommunication StudiesArt
5/4/2022Sam HaradaSam HaradaUndergraduate Student Interview: The Path I Chose to Follow My Dreams and GoalsU.S.A.EnglishInternational Business Studies, Japanese Language
1/17/2019Natsuki TanakaNatsuki TanakaUndergraduate Student Interview: Natsuki Tanaka (Art)JapanJapaneseCommunications then ArtRome
9/13/2018Maho KawabeMaho KawabeUndergraduate Student Interview: Maho Kawabe (Planning & Community Development - Main Campus)JapanJapanesePlanning & Community Development (MC)Philadelphia
5/1/2018Rachel ArticunoRachel ArticunoUndergraduate Student Interview: Rachel Articuno (Asian Studies)AustraliaEnglishAsian StudiesJapanese
5/1/2018Melanie SweeneyMelanie SweeneyUndergraduate Student Interview: Melanie Sweeney (Japanese Language)USAEnglishJapanese Language
1/11/2018Jian JoynerJian JoynerUndergraduate Student Interview: Jian Joyner (Psychological Studies)USAEnglishPsychological Studies
12/8/2017Jonathan MitaJonathan MitaUndergraduate Student Interview: Jonathan Mita (Psychological Studies)USAEnglishPsychological Studies
11/1/2017Phyu Sin Sin ThantPhyu Sin Sin ThantUndergraduate Student Interview: Phyu Sin Sin Thant (International Business Studies)BermaEnglishInternational Business Studies
8/23/2017Ayami IkedaAyami IkedaUndergraduate Student Interview: Ayami Ikeda (International Business Studies)JapanEnglishInternational Business Studies
6/20/2017Daniel ZarateDaniel ZarateUndergraduate Student Interview: Daniel Zarate (International Business Studies Major)USAEnglishInternational Business Studies
1/17/2017Kento OshizawaKento OshizawaUndergraduate Student Interview - Kento Oshizaka (Double major in Economics and Int'l Affairs)JapanJapaneseEconomics and international affairs
9/14/2016Mina YamadaMina YamadaUndergraduate Student Interview - Miina Yamada (Asian Studies Major)JapanJapaneseAsian StudiesCommunicationsYes
9/14/2016Mina YamadaMina Yamada本校留学体験談: 山田みいなさん(アジア研究学科)JapanJapaneseAsian StudiesYes
5/26/2016Shoko ItoShoko ItoUndergraduate Student Interview - Shoko Ito (International Relations Major)JapanJapaneseInternational Business Studies
5/10/2013Ellen Huntingdon  and Christopher HuntingdonEllen Huntingdon and Christopher HuntingdonUndergraduate: TUJ Student ProfilesUSAEnglish
2/23/2015What do you like about TUJ? - International school graduates sharing their experience at TUJEnglish
9/3/2013William YeowWilliam YeowUndergraduate: Careers for TUJ GraduatesEnglishJapanese Language, Art
2/13/2014Undergraduate: Life After TUJEnglish
2/23/2015What's tough about TUJ? - International school graduates sharing their experience at TUJEnglish
2/23/2015Aiko Shigeta & Aiko Shigeta & Message to future students - International school graduates sharing their experience at TUJEnglish
7/12/2011Laura WuestnerLaura WuestnerUndergraduate: Student Interview - Laura WuestnerUSAEnglishPsychological Studies
7/15/2011Yusuke KinoshitaYusuke KinoshitaUndergraduate: Student Interview - Yusuke KinoshitaJapanEnglishInternational Business Studies
9/1/2011Andrea JohnsonAndrea JohnsonUndergraduate: Student Interview - Andrea JohnsonUSAEnglishArt