Don't Ever Be Afraid of Change

Ayaka Dowdy

Japanese Major and General Business Studies Minor

"Getting an American degree means I can work anywhere, and if I ever decide to move back to the US, I can always use that degree. It seemed like the smarter choice, as it also allows me to be here, learn more about my culture and the Japanese language, and be closer to my family in Tokyo. The advantages that this university provides, such as the opportunity to immerse myself in the Japanese culture and language, are the biggest reasons for me being here. Don't be afraid of change; it can be a good thing. Whether it's changing your major or what you really want to do, many people are scared to change their plans because they had their heart set on it. It might feel like giving up, but you're just finding a new space for yourself. Take the initiative, be courageous, and step forward. I genuinely think that you'll find success."

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