The academic programs listed below can all be completed at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ). Be aware that some of the elective course work in a given program may not be available at TUJ. Please consult with the Academic Advising Center for the most current program information, including departmental approval status, requirement changes and modifications, the names of major coordinators, and so on.

The major / minor requirements vary depending on when you declared your major / minor. Please note that program requirements for declarations made in or before Fall 2019 can be found at the bottom of the page.

Last update: July 2023

 Art (Major / Minor) 
 Art History (Minor) — Declaration Fall 2019-Summer 2021
 Art History (Minor) — Declaration in or after Fall 2021
 Asian Studies (Major / Minor) 
 Communication Studies (Major) — Contemporary Media Environment Track and Thesis Track
 Communication Studies (Major) — Production Track
 Computer Science BA (Major 3+1 Program) 
 Computer Science BS (Major 3+1 Program) 
 Computer Science (Minor) 
 Economics (Major / Minor) 
 eSports (Certificate) 
 Fundamentals of Programming(Certificate) 
 General Business Studies (Minor) 
 General Studies (Major)
 Information Science & Technology (Minor) 
 International Affairs (Major)
 International Business Studies (Major)
 Japanese (Major / Minor / Certificate)
 Management Career (Certificate) 
 Political Economy (Certificate)
 Political Science (Major / Minor)
 Psychological Studies (Major) / Psychology (Minor)
 Social Science Research (Certificate) 
 Tourism & Hospitality Management (Major)