You need to change your visa sponsorship if you are a student transferring to TUJ and already granted a student visa from another institution.

You are able to change your visa sponsorship if:

  1. the program at your current institution finishes within 3 months of the first day of  the starting semester at TUJ,
  2. your current student visa is valid for a month after the start of your first semester at TUJ.

 * students applying for the summer semester, your admission application deadline is:

Your residence card expiration date is until Admissions application deadline
March 31 February 1
April 15 March 1
April 30 or after April 30 March 15

Documents required depend on how long your residence card is valid.

  • Scenario 1   :    Residence card is valid more than 3 months after TUJ starts
  • Scenario 2   :    Residence card is valid less than 3 months after TUJ starts

Submit the required documents no later than the deadline below or before your current residence card expires, whichever comes first

Starting Semester Deadline
Spring January 10
Summer May 10
Fall August 10