Last update: January 2022

If students have been out of school during a Fall or Spring semester without an approved Leave of Absence, students must complete the Re-enrollment procedure from the link below:

  Request to Re-enroll 

Readmission applications are accepted until June 1st for the Fall semester, October 1st for the Spring semester, and February 15th for the Summer Semester.

Students seeking a student visa through TUJ must submit Request to Re-Enroll by the following deadline, and contact the Visa Coordinator from the Office of Student Services and Engagement.

Re-Enrollment Deadline for Students on a TUJ-sponsored Visa

Semester Student Visa Application
Fall (Starting late August) June 1
Spring (Starting January) October 1
Summer (Starting May) February 15

If students have attended another school or college while being absent from Temple, an updated official (in a sealed envelop) transcript from that institution must be submitted before a decision can be made. Students may turn in their application while awaiting transcripts.

If students indicate "Academic" as the reason for their absence, they may be required to interview with the Academic Advising Center.

Applications of students with TUJ's administrative holds (financial, visa, and such) will not be reviewed until the holds have been resolved.

If students indicate "Health Related" as the reason for their absence, they will be required to submit medical clearance from a health professional along with their application. The only exception to this requirement is pregnancy.

An interview with Academic Advising Center may be required when necessary.

 Cross References

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 Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution

 Credit for Prior Learning