Provides a systematic study of the political systems of the United States and other countries, contemporary international relations, and political theories. After completing these courses, students deepen their exptertise by taking electives on various topics such as international organizations, public policy, and Mideast politics. Students also study research methods in political science. At the end of the curriculum, students write a research paper in a capstone seminar.

Advisor and Coordinator of Political Science major

Our Political Science program at TUJ is designed to provide opportunities for students to understand how politics works at local, national, and global levels; how values, interests, and institutions in the political world shape our daily lives; and how we as responsible citizens can participate in politics to influence what governments decide. In addition, our program helps students understand competing perspectives and theories on politics and government because it is important for developing sensitivity and respect for cultural differences in today’s world.

TUJ Political Science students develop a variety of marketable skills such as empirical research methods, communication skills, and analytical writing skills by taking upper-level research courses. These skills are all helpful for students to pursue their future career paths in civil services, law, media, the private sector, nonprofits, and postgraduate studies.



An overview of required courses.



A list of recently offered electives.

 Comparative Political Systems in Latin America
 Japan in a Changing World Order
 Media and the Political Process
 Public Policy Analysis
 International Environmental Policy

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Amani Kidd
Hitomi Nakamura

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