Designed for students whose major interest is the general study of computer science rather than a particular application area. The BA and BS programs provide students with a broad education in traditional computer science concepts including algorithms, software engineering, computer architecture, programming languages, data stuctures, operating systems, artificial intelligence, and image processing. High proficiency in mathematics and statistics is required as Computer Science is heavily rooted in mathematics. The major educates the next generation of pogrammers, engineers, and IT professionals.

Minors in Computer Science and Information Science and Technology can be completed at TUJ.

Advisor and Coordinator of Computer Science major

Nowadays, computers are an essential part of our professional and personal lives as we rely on them heavily. This makes the skillful people who can effectively control computers highly valuable. Computer Science aims at preparing such professionals by imparting on them the necessary knowledge and skills.

Computer Science studies different aspects of computers. Programming is an important component, but Computer Science is more than that. Theoretical disciplines, such as algorithms and information theory are studied, as well as practical ones like software design. Many additional topics, such as networks, operating systems and databases are also included. High proficiency in mathematics and statistics is required as Computer Science is heavily rooted in mathematics which is used in some disciplines like computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

The skills that computer scientists acquire prepare them to be excellent problem solvers; applying these skills along with their knowledge in computers will make them successful software engineers, data scientists, game developers, machine learning engineers and project managers.



An overview of required courses.


A list of recently offered electives.

 Cyberspace & Society
 PIntroduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python
 Program Design and Abstraction
 Database Management Systems
 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
 Introduction to Mobile Application Development


CS graduates are hired as system analysts, software developers and programmers by companies involved in many areas such as health-care, investments, insurance, computer software and hardware development, science laboratories, and also the government. They also work as computer system/network administrators for small and large companies or for schools and colleges. Some graduates work for computing consulting companies or become independent consultants, and some start their own technology companies. For further information on job prospects and careers see the Main Campus CIS website .