Temple University Japan Entry Year Program provides students seeking their Bachelor's Degree with the unique opportunity to complete the first year of their studies at Temple University's campus in Tokyo, Japan and then finish the remaining three years of their degree at Temple's Main Campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Students that participate in Temple Japan Entry Year graduate with an American degree from a top-tier, globally recognized university, while exposing themselves to an international mindset that is highly sought-after in the professional world.

By embarking on this life-changing journey, Japan Entry Year students receive an invaluable advantage that propels them forward in their personal lives and in the job market. Students are immersed in a new culture, learn a new language, make connections with people from all over the world, and are exposed to new experiences that push them to heights that they didn't think possible. At Temple University, students have the opportunity to apply to countless internship and job opportunities in their field, which when paired with the international experience provided by Japan Entry Year, help them shape their future to achieve their goals. With campuses in Pennsylvania, Rome, and Tokyo at your disposal, Temple University is the truly the best option for students who value a prestigious education with a solid foundation and a global prospective.

Year 1 : Tokyo
Year 2-4 : Philadelphia
  • Choose from 44 degree programs that start in Tokyo, with topics ranging from business to psychology to pop culture.
  • Take classes in the heart of Tokyo. The campus is located in Sangen-jaya, just a four-minute train ride from Shibuya, and a seven-minute walk from the Sangen-jaya Station.
  • Surround yourself with a new culture and language.
  • Get involved in fun activities organized by the Office of Student Services and Engagement, and a variety of student organizations that give you the chance to meet other students from Japan and from approximately countries around the world.
  • TUJ has undergraduate students. Take advantage of its full-range services and facilities including the Academic Advising Center, Teaching & Learning Center, Library, Counseling Office, and Disability Resources and Services.
  • Learn first-hand about the contemporary political, economic  and social issues facing Japan, Asia, and the world today.
  • Live in one of the largest but safest cities with a first-rate public transportation system with easy access to anywhere.
  • Get a fresh global perspective and discover what it means to be a global citizen.
  • Access boundless opportunities for student internships, study abroad and research
  • Live in Philadelphia, the birthplace of American history, and an international center of art and culture. Enjoy world-class museums, performance venues, vibrant outdoor spaces, and more than 3,600 murals across the city
  • Take advantage of Temple’s first-class facilities from a 24-hour Tech Center to a new state-of-the-art library
  • Get the support you need at Temple’s Student Success Center, the university’s Tuttleman Counseling Center, and at Student Health Services.
  • Study with students from countries.
  • Benefit from Temple’s convenient location, two hours from New York City, three hours from Washington, D.C. and an hour and a half from the beaches of New Jersey and the Pennsylvania mountains
  • Participate in one of Temple’s 300+ student clubs, activities and organizations
  • Become a fan of Temple collegial sports–football and basketball—or play on one of Temple’s intramural teams like baseball or soccer

Information on this page is for Temple Japan Entry Year (TJEY) applicants. For applicants intending to complete their degree at TUJ, please see here.