Last update: December, 2023

All tuition and fees are subject to change without written notice. Amounts do not include bank charges, for which the applicant is responsible.


The number of credits taken each semester determines tuition costs.

Credits Tuition
1 ¥96,580
2 ¥164,080
3 ¥231,580
4 ¥299,080
5 ¥366,580
6 ¥434,080
7 ¥501,580
8 ¥569,080
9 ¥636,580
10 ¥704,080
11 ¥771,580
12-18 (Full-time) ¥834,200
19 ¥905,900
20 ¥973,400
21 ¥1,040,900
22 ¥1,108,500
23 ¥1,176,000
24 ¥1,243,500

Tuition for Bridge Program

Tuition differs for students conditionally admitted to TUJ as participants of the undergraduate Bridge Program. Please see About the Bridge Program for details.

Enrollment Deposit

A non-refundable ¥20,000 Enrollment Deposit is required to secure your place at TUJ and access new student orientation. This deposit will be credited towards tuition for students who enroll in courses. This deposit will be forfeited if a student's admission is cancelled.

Semester of admission Enrollment Deposit Deadlines
Fall May 1
Spring October 15
Summer March 1

Note: Applicants accepted after the specific deadlines shown above will be notified of a later deadline in the letter of admission.

Orientation Fee

The ¥36,600 Orientation Fee is to be paid as part of the Advance Payment (visa-needed students) or as part of the first tuition invoice (non-visa-needed students). The Orientation Fee is non-refundable and may be charged independently if all classes are later dropped.

Matriculation Fee for Degree-seeking Students

An applicant admitted to TUJ as a degree-seeking (matriculated) student must pay a non-refundable matriculation fee of ¥434,100. This is a one-time fee for all new matriculating students directly entering an undergraduate program. Once admitted as a matriculated student into the Temple University system, a student cannot change their status to non-degree-seeking (non-matriculated).

A non-degree-seeking student may take up to 30 credits at TUJ. Non-degree-seeking students may petition to become a matriculated degree-seeking student any time before reaching 30 credits. However, please note that the matriculation fee for TUJ students switching from non-matriculated to matriculated status is ¥496,800.

For additional details regarding matriculation fees, please see the Matriculation Policy and Procedure page.

Student Visa Application Fee

Prospective students applying for a Japanese student visa through TUJ must pay a non-refundable visa application fee of ¥20,900 as a part of the Advance Payment.

Housing Cost

For their first semester, visa-sponsored students must either stay in TUJ-arranged housing or make use of the homestay option provided by Nextage (Homestay in Japan). Students will receive the link from and apply for housing after the visa deadline.

Housing waivers may be granted in limited circumstances.

    Fall or Spring Summer
Dormitory room type Single ¥460,000 ¥380,000
Duo ¥420,000 ¥350,000
Triple ¥380,000 ¥320,000

Homestay (by Nextage)

Single ¥470,000-¥500,000*
(payable directly to Nextage)

(payable directly to Nextage)

  • Homestay cost determined by Nextage and varies depending on the length of stay. New TUJ students choosing the homestay option must stay for a minimum of one semester. Homestays include breakfast and dinner.

Note: All tuition and fees are subject to change without written notice. Amounts do not include bank charges, for which the applicant is responsible. 

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