The Bridge Program is part of TUJ’s Undergraduate Program and is for non-native English language learners who need to develop advanced academic language skills. In the Bridge Program, students take both credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing courses, all of which help students learn the essential skills needed to succeed in an American university. After completing the program, Bridge students become fully matriculated undergraduate students within the Temple University system. Bridge students can earn up to 15 credits toward their undergraduate degrees before matriculating. The Bridge Program can also sponsor visas for non-Japanese students. Visa-sponsored Bridge students are expected to complete the Bridge Program within one year.

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet Undergraduate Program admission qualifications A and B
  2. TOEFL iBT scores between 53 and 78, or TOEFL PBT scores between 475 and 549, or IELTS (Academic) scores between 5.0 and 5.5, or PTE (Academic) scores between 40 and 52, or DUOLINGO 90-105
  3. TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or DUOLINGO score meets the requirement, but needs support for improving academic skills before enrolling in the Undergraduate Program

How to Apply

Application procedures are the same as the Undergraduate Program application procedures.

Bridge Program Levels

There are three Bridge Program levels. Each level takes one semester to complete. Students are placed into a level after our reviewers consider their standardized testing score (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or DUOLINGO) and their score on our own placement test. Students cannot choose their own level.

Bridge Program Placement Test

Our placement test is given three times a year on campus at TUJ or online. The test checks students’ reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills. The test takes approximately 120 minutes to complete. The test can only be taken one time per semester, and the placement score is valid for only one semester. No specific “test preparation” material exists for our placement test. However, students could build skills around comprehending, analyzing, and creatively and critically discussing and writing about texts as preparation for our placement test. We believe these skills are among the most important for students planning to study at an American university in English.

To matriculate from the Bridge Program

To matriculate, Bridge Program students must complete the program by passing Bridge 3. However, if a Bridge student obtains a new TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or DUOLINGO score while they are studying in the Bridge Program, they can submit it to the UG Admissions Office to be reevaluated. If admitted by the Admissions Office, the student can matriculate without finishing the Bridge Program.


Tuition and Fees

Bridge Program Entrance Fee ¥224,800 (for all levels)
Bridge 1 ¥609,080
Bridge 2 ¥649,080
Bridge 3 ¥689,080

Bridge Program Grading and Advancement

There are no grades in the non-credit-bearing courses. Instead, Bridge Program instructors assess students' linguistic improvement through assignments, activities, and projects. Students must demonstrate linguistic improvement to move higher in the program. There are standard letter grades in the credit-bearing courses. These grades are also considered by the Bridge Program Academic Coordinator for reviewing student movement through the program.

Student Visa Application Fee

Prospective students applying for a Japanese student visa through TUJ must pay a non-refundable visa application fee of ¥20,900 as a part of the Advance Payment.



For their first semester, visa-sponsored students must stay in TUJ-designated housing. Housing waivers may be granted in limited circumstances.

    Fall or Spring Summer
Dormitory room type Single ¥460,000 ¥380,000
Duo ¥420,000 ¥350,000
Triple ¥380,000 ¥320,000
Homestay - ¥460,000 ¥380,000

Note: All tuition and fees are subject to change without written notice. Amounts do not include bank charges, for which the applicant is responsible.

Last update: September 15, 2022

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