Last update: October 2022

Students wishing to withdraw from Temple University, Japan Campus must complete the following steps.

Step 1: Drop / Withdraw from All Courses

Students withdrawing after the current semester is finished who have not registered for the following semester may skip to Step 2.

Students withdrawing from TUJ who have registered courses for the following semester must first drop their courses through Self-Service Banner. Students withdrawing from TUJ in the middle of the semester after the drop deadline must withdraw from all their courses. This can also be processed through Self-Service Banner (withdrawing from courses means a "W" will appear on students' transcript and they will remain financially responsible for the withdrawn courses).

Students with course registration restrictions need to visit the Academic Advising Center to process their drop/withdrawal.

Students should check the Academic Calendar for the respective deadlines.

Step 2: University Exit Form

Students need to fill out a University Exit Form at the Registrar's Office and visit the departments listed on the form to receive signatures. When all signatures have been received, the form is submitted to the Registrar's Office where students' records will be updated. Students must complete this process before their last day on campus.

Failure to complete this process may result in a hold on students' account or fines from the relevant departments. A hold on their account will, among other things, prevent students from receiving transcripts or other documents from the university.

 University Exit Form (PDF: 160KB)

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