Fall Semester and Academic Year:April 1
Spring Semester:October 1
Summer Programs (Session I and II):February 15

Last update: January, 2024

Matriculated full-time students at TUJ who meet certain academic criteria are eligible to apply to study at Temple Rome Campus in Rome, Italy.

TUJ students must attend an information session or meet with the TUJ Study Abroad Coordinator to learn about the program requirements and application process. Students may choose to apply either a semester / academic year program or summer program (session I - 6 weeks, or session II - 4 weeks). As part of the planning, students should meet with an academic advisor in the AAC to discuss degree requirements and course options and determine how credits from Rome can be applied toward graduation.


  • Be fully matriculated and enrolled full-time at TUJ
  • Will have completed at least two semester of college-level study with 2.75 GPA or better (Semester/Academic year) or 2.5GPA (Summer)
  • Must be in good academic standing (warning and probation students are not eligible to apply)
  • Must be clear of any student conduct issues

Tuition: Students studying at Rome Campus will pay regular Temple main campus tuition to Temple University’s Main Campus according to their major and residency status. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for the Temple University study abroad scholarships, in particular the Rome Semester Scholarship or the Temple Summer Program Scholarship.  You may find additional scholarship opportunities open to you by searching here.

For more information, please contact the TUJ study abroad coordinator at